Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Maxi Swift

more PICS here
Motor: Turnigy SK 3536-910
ESC: Multiplex BL40
Prop: 11x7
Battery: 3cell 2650mah turnigy

Wingspan: 140cm
Weight around 680gr (without battery and without FPV Stuff), 1112gr Fpv & Osd (150gr)

CoG: around 30cm (Attention: my manual was wrong here - it was for the smaller Swift and said CG at 18cm!!!! That really wouldnt work well!)

Price: Foam 79€
2x MPX TinyS Servos, Motor 20$, ESC ~ 20$
so all together around 150€ maybe

Since the MS served me quite well as an FPV platform, I collected the best videos here:

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010


more PICS here
  • Mikrokopter Okto2, Mems Gyros
  • Flight Control 2.0, BLC V1.2
  • 10x4,5 Props, 4S 5000 Battery
  • 8x Roxxy Brushless 2827-34 (each 110w)
  • BTS555 Powerswitch
  • Thomas Scherrer LRS Diversity RX (Longrange UHF Radio 500mw)
  • ezOSD and IFOSC FPV Cam, 2,4GHz VideoTX, additional GoPro for recording
  • Power consumption: around 25amps in hover, 10mins with 5000mah 4cell
  • Weight (without battery): 1813g
  • Weight (fully FPV incl GoPoro and 5000mah battery): 2600g
  • Payload possible: around 1kg!!
Tip: the GoPromount was tricky. It's hard not to have vibrations on the video. So I tried different mounts and finally cam to this: mount the main battery with sponge between battery and kopter, than strap the gopro on the battery. The massive 550gr of the battery dampen the vibs quite good. Also use 720p60 mode (R3) of gopro - R5 is to slow. And NTSC not PAL - NTSC seems to be more smooth!

Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Parrot AR Drone

Dies ist ein kleiner, günstiger und vor allem fertig gebauter Quadrokopter. Die Stabilisierungstechnik zu dem Preis ist recht beeindruckend und macht das Ding zu einem Hightech-Spielzeug. Gesteuert wird über Wlan durch ein iPhon / iPad / iPod touch. Das Video wird zurück auf das Steuergerät gestreamt.

This is a small, cheap and RTF Quadrocopter. The stabilizer electronics work pretty well considering the price. It's a hightech toy steered via iPhone / iPad or iPod touch. The vide feed is streamed onto the control device (iPhone...).

* ARM9 468 MHz
* DDR 128 MByte bei 200 MHz
* Wifi b/g
* USB-Hochgeschwindigkeit
* Linux-Betriebssystem

* 3-Achsen-Beschleunigungssensor
* 2-Achsen-Gyroskop
* 1-Achsen-Gyroskop mit Giergenauigkeit

* Flying time: about 12 minutes
* Fluggeschwindigkeit: 5 m/s; 18 km/h (16,4 Fuß/Sekunde; 11,2 Meilen/Stunde)
* Gewicht:
- 380 g mit Outdoor-Schutzgehäuse
- 420 g mit Indoor-Schutzgehäuse
- Akku 106g
- Nur Drone 269
- Indoor Hülle 61g
- Outdoor Hülle 32g
* Flugdauer: Etwa 12 Minuten

* EPP-Schutzgehäuse für Indoor-Flüge
* Automatische Propellersperre bei Kontakt
* Akku UL2054
* Steuerelemente mit Not-Halt-Taste für das unmittelbare Abschalten der Motoren

* Mit Schutzgehäuse: 52,5 x 51,5 cm (20,7 Zoll x 20,3 Zoll)
* Ohne Schutzgehäuse: 45 x 29 cm (17,7 Zoll x 11,4 Zoll)

technische Details beim Hersteller


Mittwoch, 21. Juli 2010

MPX Funcopter

FPV Update:

(had to sacrifice the nice canopy to exchange it's weight with the new FPV payload)

9min bei 2200er Akku beim Schwebeflug!

Heli (all except battery): 1031g
Front foam: 95g
Rear foam: 63g
naked Heli (without RX and Batt): 836g
Blades (each): 42g

4S Tuning Measures (to be done):
ESC: 940-6 / Bladeholder: 2 degree instead of 5 / 4S battery (2500?)

My FPV experience with this heli:

+ it's nearly indestructable - I crashed-landed from 20m height, without real damage, on start it fell over to one side a few times - without the rotor taking any damage
+ it's silent and doesn't sound dangerous, you can fly on many places without getting much attention and people asking you if you have permission to fly here...
+ the big motor is efficient (6-7mins ~ 1500mah)
+ it's completly assembled - no work here (only main rotor to be screwed on)

- the low KV of the motor means, if you battery drops from 12,6v to around 10-11 volt you get noteably less power - so I had to land now a few times even if my 2200mah battery was half full
- the copter should be as lightweight as possible - this is the reason I removed the foam
- you can not add much additional weight - or the copter will have power for only around 5mins (I tried FPV gear with GoPro as cam - this was to heavy, VTX and normal FPV cam as I use now are OK - but 50-100g more for OSD or something would be too much already)
- it can handle some wind - but it doesen't feel safe to fly in the wind with this light heli. Removing the foam is good here - so the wind can't blow you away - because you have less surface - but generally I don't like to fly it FPV in windy conditions.

Conclusion: it's a fun, lightweight heli which is great for some fast and easy FPV fun. If you want to do advanced stuff - look for a bigger heli or a mikrokopter...)

Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

Mpx Funjet Ultra

Von Flieger
Multiplex Funjet Ultra
Motor: Turborix Black Tornado D2842 (3500Kv, 960Watts)
ESC: Turborix 80Amp + external BEC
Prop: 6x4 or 6x5e
Battery: 3000mah Turnigy 30C (or maybe 4cell soon)

Wingspan: 783mm
Length: 750mm
Weight: 980g (with 3Cell 3000mah)
Wingload: 60g/dm²

Montag, 5. Juli 2010


Building log - Baufotos:
RCGroups Thread
hier in deutsch: RCLine Thread

Gewicht/Weight: 730g mit Akku und Elektronik
Schwerpunkt / CG: 16cm SP-Berechnung - CG Calc
Neutraler Punkt: 19cm
Motor: orig. Motor von Parkzone P51 Gunfighter (960kv)
Prop: 9x6,5
Battery: 1800mah 3cell

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Multiplex Funcub

Antrieb: Turnigy 3536-910 mit 11x4,7 prop
2200mah 25C Akku
51km/h / 1,4kg Schub / 8min Flug
Servos: 2x TinyMG (Seite/Höhe)
2x Hitex HS55 (Quer)
2x MPX Nano (LK)  

Ausschläge: HR oben 25mm / HR unten 22mm
SR 25mm / QR oben 22mm / QR unten 12mm
(Ruderausschläge werde jeweils an der tiefsten Stelle gemessen!)
50-60% Reduktion für Trainer Betrieb (DR)
Technische Daten: Spannweite 1400 mm
Länge über alles 980 mm
Gewicht: 870g (ohne Aufkleber) Fluggewicht ca. (Mpx: 1130) g
Flächeninhalt 38 dm²
Flächenbelastung 30 g/dm
CoG: 80mm (10mm +- sollte kein Problem sein!)

GoPro mount sketch (for LOS Camflights): 
Update Sept. 2010 - new GoPro FPV mode - Mounting versions:

Montag, 26. April 2010

Parkzone Stryker F27c

Von Flieger
Technical details:
Wing Span: 37in (940mm)
Overall Length: 27in (690mm)
Flying Weight: 22oz (620g) 489g ohne Akku, (vor Taping) danach 544g
Motor Size: 6-pole brushless direct-drive, 1880Kv
Servos: 2x HS82MG!
CG (center of gravity): Approx 16,51cm forward from trailing edge
Prop Size: 6 x 4
Speed Control : E-flite 25amp brushless ESC
Recommended Battery: 3-cell 11.1v 2200 mAh Li-Po included
Approx. Flying Duration: 7 min!
Approx. Flying Speed: 80+ MPH

GoPro mount (the cheap and fast way):
Von Flieger

FPV Setup:
Von Flieger

Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

Mustang P51-D (FMS 1450mm)

Technische Daten
Spw: 1450
Länge: 1240

Schwerpunkt: laut Anleitung bei den beiden schwarzen Kreisen (an der Oberseite des Flügels), besser aber noch 1,5cm weiter nach Vor gehen!

Regler: 45A
Orig Lipo: 4S 2200mah 20C
Servos: 9g (8)
2 ezfw Servos

Akku 2200/4s: 228g
Cockpit ohne Pilot: 63g
Rumpf: 1421g
Propeller: 105g
Gesamt mit Akku: 1816g

ACHTUNG: einige Modifikationen sind dringend notwendig:
Guter Sammelthread mit Infos

RCGroups Thread mit Tipps

gefunden und gekauft hier:
(Schweizer Shop - sehr nett, schneller Versand!)