Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Maxi Swift

more PICS here
Motor: Turnigy SK 3536-910
ESC: Multiplex BL40
Prop: 11x7
Battery: 3cell 2650mah turnigy

Wingspan: 140cm
Weight around 680gr (without battery and without FPV Stuff), 1112gr Fpv & Osd (150gr)

CoG: around 30cm (Attention: my manual was wrong here - it was for the smaller Swift and said CG at 18cm!!!! That really wouldnt work well!)

Price: Foam 79€
2x MPX TinyS Servos, Motor 20$, ESC ~ 20$
so all together around 150€ maybe

Since the MS served me quite well as an FPV platform, I collected the best videos here:

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