Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

DJI Phantom 2

My Mods:
1,2kg FPV ready with Gopro and Battery!
15min with Zenmuse Gimbal and Gopro3
Power consumption: 270mah/min

Phantom Assistant Software:
Install all available firmware updates...
Switch to NazaM mode instead of Phantom mode to enable some additional features!
      Pitch Roll Yaw Vert
Basic: 120 120 100 200
 Atti: 200 200

Flyaway problems:
My conclusion - the std. radio and the internal receiver are crap. They can be tricked by interfering signals (wifi,...) quite easily! I don't know any other 2.4 radio that is so sensitive...
read here...

GPS Antenna is fragile!  /  GPS reception issues!?!
If a newbie crashes his phantom (maybe because of a flyaway) the top mounted ceramic GPS antenna might get cracks and the reception of GPS satellites can be weak or even worse can be sporadic (sats dissapear while flying - flightcontroll is confused - tries to countersteer the sudden loss of position and goes crazy?)
I have a P2 here that had a crash and now the sat fix sometimes takes forever, sometimes it's here in a few seconds. I learned that if I fly in Atti Mode first, then after landing I could get GPS fix really fast.
Ultimately: I had serious problems getting GPS fix - even with new antenna! Only after removing the (somehow torn apart) protection foil copper thing it worked for me. Maybe the foil was giving a short circuit to the GPS antenna circuitboard? No Problems since than...

Interesting Links:
German - Startvorkehrungen - was tun bei einem neuen Phantom 2
Flyaway discussions - good explanation

Broken GPS Antenna as cause for no GPS Fix (always 3 red blinks...)
Replacement GPS Antenna: found at Digikey Part: GP.1575.25.2.A.02 ANTENNA GPS PATCH 1575MHZ

more Pics:
Phantom 2