Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

Mpx Funjet Ultra

Von Flieger
Multiplex Funjet Ultra
Motor: Turborix Black Tornado D2842 (3500Kv, 960Watts)
ESC: Turborix 80Amp + external BEC
Prop: 6x4 or 6x5e
Battery: 3000mah Turnigy 30C (or maybe 4cell soon)

Wingspan: 783mm
Length: 750mm
Weight: 980g (with 3Cell 3000mah)
Wingload: 60g/dm²


  1. So Mario, which do you think is faster? Funjet Ultra or the Blizzard hotliner? In your video it looked like you could almost keep up with your friends (non-Ultra?) Funjet. - Rob 3-2011

  2. Or do you think the Stryker is the fastest? - Rob