Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014

ImmersionRC Duo5800 vs Black Pearl Video Diversity receiver comparison

In this comparison video I wanted to find out if the Black Pearl (all in one - Display with diversityRX) is compareable to the dedicated ImmersionRC Duo5800 receiver. On paper they both have 90dbi sensitivity. See in the second part how they look in comparison. For my test setup I seperated video TX and RX with a few thick walls at home.
Also I measured all my antennas with the ImmersionRC RF Powermeter. You see the values at 2:24.
The normal ones were affected by alignment (horz vs vert) and the SPW ones were "immune" to different alignment - as expected. The directional antennas had great antenna-gain in the cone and somewhat less optimal outside of it.
Btw. you can also measure the mW of your video TX. You plug a 30dB attenuator in between and set it in the powermeter. Great to measure the advertised milliwats vs the real output!
Sorry for this not being super scientific but it gives you an idea of the image quality.
EQUIPMENT as seen in the video: Antennas
5.8 SPW Antenna    5.8 Helical Antenna
...more in my "Hangar"
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Samstag, 4. Oktober 2014

DIY FPV Goggles - cheap alternative with superb quality picture!

Here are the Buildpics:
DIY Goggles (Facebox)

Here I had my first look through it - and it was an amazing picture!

+ big
+ sharp
+/- comfy to wear - only the weight can be a problem if you pack too much on the goggles...
- some soldering needed? some cutting and fiddeling around

Maybe I can fit an adapter to use the NexWave 5.8Ghz module directly on these goggles?

-> Additional info (in german!) here at FPVCommunity from Prometreus
(with many pics!)

PARTLIST:  (complete costs ~ 70€ / 100$)
It ueses the frame from
around 20$? - fast shipping from UK to EU!
You can order deluxe version (with strap and extra lens). While I didn't use the lense here the strap itself is good enough. Just added a broader band at the back (see build images).

and a 5" TFT display from Dealextreme
(available in EU warehouse ~ 40$)
If you find them somewhere else - dont buy at DX - they're slow! EU warehouse is a joke. They deliver from China through Netherlands. So no customs but 3-4weeks delivery!

and finally better fresnel lens (optional) (tried both - this upgrade really gives you better quality!)

►►Update: just before publishing this vid I did a 2nd testflight with the MiniQuad. The picture is really big, great to fly BUT: the blackscreen issue can be tricky/scary. So not sure yet if I'd trust this goggles for an expensive, bigger, unstabilized platform. So if you have some other safety features (second monitor for emergencies) it's ok.
Hover recommended routing it throug a DVR - this might eliminate the black/bluescreen. Or optimal: search for a similar size display without bluescreen.

All links here provided are tips from Prometreus - thanks!
Check out his channel and subscribe him in return!