Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010


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  • Mikrokopter Okto2, Mems Gyros
  • Flight Control 2.0, BLC V1.2
  • 10x4,5 Props, 4S 5000 Battery
  • 8x Roxxy Brushless 2827-34 (each 110w)
  • BTS555 Powerswitch
  • Thomas Scherrer LRS Diversity RX (Longrange UHF Radio 500mw)
  • ezOSD and IFOSC FPV Cam, 2,4GHz VideoTX, additional GoPro for recording
  • Power consumption: around 25amps in hover, 10mins with 5000mah 4cell
  • Weight (without battery): 1813g
  • Weight (fully FPV incl GoPoro and 5000mah battery): 2600g
  • Payload possible: around 1kg!!
Tip: the GoPromount was tricky. It's hard not to have vibrations on the video. So I tried different mounts and finally cam to this: mount the main battery with sponge between battery and kopter, than strap the gopro on the battery. The massive 550gr of the battery dampen the vibs quite good. Also use 720p60 mode (R3) of gopro - R5 is to slow. And NTSC not PAL - NTSC seems to be more smooth!

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  1. wow... die Maschine hat doch bestimmt genug Dampf um 2 LiPos zu heben...kann man die LiPos nicht parallel schalten? Damit hättest Du evtl 15mins Flugzeit.. ggf. etwas mehr