Montag, 26. April 2010

Parkzone Stryker F27c

Von Flieger
Technical details:
Wing Span: 37in (940mm)
Overall Length: 27in (690mm)
Flying Weight: 22oz (620g) 489g ohne Akku, (vor Taping) danach 544g
Motor Size: 6-pole brushless direct-drive, 1880Kv
Servos: 2x HS82MG!
CG (center of gravity): Approx 16,51cm forward from trailing edge
Prop Size: 6 x 4
Speed Control : E-flite 25amp brushless ESC
Recommended Battery: 3-cell 11.1v 2200 mAh Li-Po included
Approx. Flying Duration: 7 min!
Approx. Flying Speed: 80+ MPH

GoPro mount (the cheap and fast way):
Von Flieger

FPV Setup:
Von Flieger

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