Sonntag, 4. Januar 2015

ImmersionRC XuGong V2 pro

Propulsion Set from DJI called E300
ESCs: DJI 15amp
Motors: DJI 920kv (Phantom2 style)
Props: std. "Phantom2 Props"

Weight: 1085gr
(all except flightbattery which was 343gr)
so roughly 1,4kg min flightweight with small battery

Packingsize: (30x25x13cm)

Naza Settings:
light battery - 90-100% Gains
heavy battery: go down with gains a bit (best to assign roll and pitch gains to X2 so you can set it while flying).

Power consumption:
ezOSD showed 13,7amps in Hover - really nice!
Modified ezOSD here shows mah/min consumption as well (gave me 230-250mah/min).

Pricetag (as of 5.1.15):
200€ for Frame (incl. ezOSD)
200€ for Brushless gimbal (with controller)
109€ DJI e300 pack
129€ DJI Naza Lite (or better)
~70€ VideoTX
  70€ 4ch lite RX
+ Gopro, Fatshark, Antennas...

more Pics in my XuGong V2 pro Picasa album:

more Infos:
Official Page at (Manual, Firmware,...)
->> excellent infos from Deweytube here on RCG

XuGong Pro v2 - How to Update Gimbal Firmware (FY-G3)

Resonances? Try to get proper CoG and tighten the Joints on the arms!
(CG pic thanks to Deweytube!)