Mittwoch, 21. Juli 2010

MPX Funcopter

FPV Update:

(had to sacrifice the nice canopy to exchange it's weight with the new FPV payload)

9min bei 2200er Akku beim Schwebeflug!

Heli (all except battery): 1031g
Front foam: 95g
Rear foam: 63g
naked Heli (without RX and Batt): 836g
Blades (each): 42g

4S Tuning Measures (to be done):
ESC: 940-6 / Bladeholder: 2 degree instead of 5 / 4S battery (2500?)

My FPV experience with this heli:

+ it's nearly indestructable - I crashed-landed from 20m height, without real damage, on start it fell over to one side a few times - without the rotor taking any damage
+ it's silent and doesn't sound dangerous, you can fly on many places without getting much attention and people asking you if you have permission to fly here...
+ the big motor is efficient (6-7mins ~ 1500mah)
+ it's completly assembled - no work here (only main rotor to be screwed on)

- the low KV of the motor means, if you battery drops from 12,6v to around 10-11 volt you get noteably less power - so I had to land now a few times even if my 2200mah battery was half full
- the copter should be as lightweight as possible - this is the reason I removed the foam
- you can not add much additional weight - or the copter will have power for only around 5mins (I tried FPV gear with GoPro as cam - this was to heavy, VTX and normal FPV cam as I use now are OK - but 50-100g more for OSD or something would be too much already)
- it can handle some wind - but it doesen't feel safe to fly in the wind with this light heli. Removing the foam is good here - so the wind can't blow you away - because you have less surface - but generally I don't like to fly it FPV in windy conditions.

Conclusion: it's a fun, lightweight heli which is great for some fast and easy FPV fun. If you want to do advanced stuff - look for a bigger heli or a mikrokopter...)

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