Montag, 22. Juli 2013

RD450 - KK2.0 based Quadcopter

This Quad has a nice story:
after seeing a spectacular video on which I commented I chatted a little with Trinco and he offerd to send me a pre series model of the frame he built.
Update 6/2014: I feel bad about me leaving this Quad on the workbench unfinished so long. Even better does it feel now - once it flies great and powerful. My most "grown up" Quad till now. Not hightech (simple KK2, no GPS, no OSD, no gimbal) but very potent motors and the needed power for great highspeed dive videos (I really enjoyed them last year!):

It looks quite similar to the QAV400 and it has a very high material quality!
The arms are aluminium, Plates are G10.
There is a dirty section (bottom with motors, ESC and vibrations) and a clean section - both separated with rubber bobbins. It may look scary to only place your whole quad on only four screws but this way it isolates the vibrations most effectively!

==>> Buildlog

Tech Specs:
Frame: RD450 from Trinco (nice and easy to screw togethter!)
Motors: Robbe Roxxy Bl Outrunner 2834/08
Props: Graupner eProp 9x5
ESCs: RCTimer ESC 30amp SimonK flashed
Cam: TBS 69 / Gopro3BE
VTX: AvionicsRC 2.4GHz (powered directly from Balance plug of flight battery)
Weight: 1,4kg (all stuff like gopro, gelpad, but without battery) so I have a flying weight of around 2kg!

Flighttimes / energy consumption:
flying weight around 1,8kg
power consumption: 550mah / min    ~ 33amp    (on an average flight, not only hover!)
 Update: now I use SLS 5000mah 4cells and get safe 7:30mins - not much - but this air-time is awesome!

Vertical performance (measured with GPS Logger with barometric sensor):
max 50km/h VERTICAL speed!!  this really feels like a rocket seat!
Horiz.Speed is around 80-90km/h over 100km/h on fast dives...

Roll/Nick:  P Gains: 60/ Lim 100     I Gain: 30/ Lim 20
Yaw:          P 70/50    I 40/20
Stick scaling: R 50,  P 40,  Y 50,  Th.70
Min Throttle: 15 (with 10 one motor didnt spin up at the same time than the others)

I really encourage you to follow the RCGroups guide to find the right settings! RCGropus KK Settings thread

-> get the Frame here



  1. Hallo! Sieht super aus! Kann man den schon irgendwo beziehen?

    lg aus Wien

  2. Wir aber nicht mehr gross geflogen, oder?

    1. Aber jetzt - der stand lange auf der Werkbank, musste dann auf bessere Motoren warten - geht jetzt aber sehr gut!

  3. You are first FPV diver in history!