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Black Snapper XS - folding Miniquad

Aus Black Snapper XS
Frame: Black Snapper XS from Globeflight
Dimensions (folded in):  22 x 13,7 x 2,6 cm (LxWxH)
Dimensions (folded out): 27,3 x 30,0 x 2,6 cm (LxWxH)
Frame weight (empty): 125g
Weight including electronics and without battery: approx. 320g
Motor axis diagonal: 360 mm (left to right front motor: 250mm)

MotorsEyefly 1806 (2300kv) running on 3cell 1500mah turnigy 35-70c packs.
ESCsEmax - 12A - Nano ESC Oneshot125 and Active braking (Artikelnr. 24-005)
  (no BEC!)
Seperate BEC for powering the Naze32 board:
BEC UBEC 3A E-Max - EMX-SC-0509
Props: 5x4 Gemfans

System weight: 381gr (all except FPV gear, Battery and HDCam)
around 600gr (including 150gr battery and 50gr RuncamHD)
Flighttimes: around 5mins with 1500mah 3cell and average fast flying

Flightcontroller:  Naze32 with cleanflight 1.10 and Luxfloat PIDcontroller
Naze32 Settings:  Cleanflight V 1.10  /  Pid Controller: 2 - Luxfloat
General settings:   oneshot125 and "active damping" (this is something that has to be enabled in the ESCs firmware)
Roll       1,6 0,04      30
Pitch      1,8 0,04      30
YAW    2,5 0,1       15
Roll and pitchrate 0,40 /   Yawrate 0,50
TPA 0,30   TPA Bpoint 1500
Receiver:  all default but RCRate 1,10

But as always if you find PID settings on the internet: they dont apply to every quad. You have to have a really similar setup than I do. Every quad is usually different. Many variables influence the outcome. But this can be a good startingpoint for you if you have simlar motors and ESCs...
I used a nice PDB (power distribution board) which has 2 switches for LED or VTX
So I can choose if I want my LEDs to be powered on with this easy switch.
I guess you can also hook up LEDs to be controlled by the NAZE32 board as well - but this is more advanced - the PDB is really easy.

You need a really small FPV cam for it to fit between the front booms!
I use the Fatshark 600TVL which as a really small housing. I even had to file it down on the side a bit for a good fit.You can tilt it a bit by using more double sided tape on the top of the cam holding frame than on the bottom. Works ok for me.

HD Cam:
initially made to mount the Mobius/runcamHD type of flat cams - but gopro or SJ5000+ in my case works also. Vibration dampening works really well - even wih unbalanced motors / Props I have no jello issues!

Black Snapper XS

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