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Quanum Groundstation + FPV Antennas

Hobbyking sent me this nice groundstation for review.
I think it's a good way to get started fast, without having to build something by yourself. If you maybe have an Quanum Autoscan Video RX already this is a great way to upgrade to a diversity system.
If you want to be very mobile (backpack) with your groundstation - than rather go with a small dedicated diversity and goggles - this box is rather heavy and bulky and more suited for the flying field, taken directly out of your trunk ;-)
I like the combination of power distribution and different VOLTs (5 and 12) available - as well as the easy diversity and battery monitoring.
As a sideeffect - you can check your 4cell batteries if you forgot your battery checker. Vor a next upgrade of this groundstation it would be nice to have more balance plugs and maybe some color led bar- that shows the batt capacity nicer.

►Quanum Groundstation
►Quanum Auto Scan 5.8Ghz FPV Receiver
►RCGroups thread
►small alternative: FR632 Diversity RX (I already did a short review about this one)
►Feelworld 1000cd FPV monitor

Provides 5V and 12V output
Diversity summing when using two standard receivers
Holders/attachment points for Quanum FPV receivers
Tablet mounting frame suits small tablets (ipad mini, not iPad Air)
XT-60 battery connector
Ultra loud Lipo low voltage alarm (lipo voltage limit adjustable - monitors each cell)
Reverse polarity protection
Ports available: RSSI, Video-In, Video-Out
Power Output: 5V and 12V
Power Input: 4S Lipoly
Recommended Battery: 4S Lipoly 5200mAh (Multistar 5200 4cell fits in nicely and has some more room)
Dimensions: 200 x 90 x 82mm
Weight of Unit: 466g

1 x Power Supply Unit
1 x Tablet mounting frame
2 x Quanum FPV Receiver holders
Leads and cables
Instruction Manual

IF battery stays connected to Balance lead: power consumption of the LiPo meter is 8mA
that is around 500hrs or 3 weeks on a full 4cell 5200mah
so you shouldnt have it connected all the time (and definitly not over the winter season) but it's not a big deal if you forget it over the night...

Since I get asked about FPV antennas often and while I was preparing the FPV receiver comparison video I compared all the different antennas I have (+ the new AOMWays I got sent).
I did collect some very useful information for you guys since a solid videolink is one of the most important things for flying safe and having fun (you can only enjoy FPV flights if you don't always have to fear the loss of your videosignal).
When I have more time and weather is warmer I will do comprehensive comparisions of antenna- and receiver performance - to get the best range.

►LINKS to the Antennas:
Aomway 8dbi Patch
Aomway SPW omni
ImmersionRC SPW
ImmersionRC 13 Patch
ImmersionRC 8 mini Patch

►Antenna Knowledge:
good visualisation:

also check this awesome test from Bruce:

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