Freitag, 19. Februar 2016

BIG 5.8 GHz Video Receiver shootout / comparison (practical rangetest with my car), 25mw Videorange

If you want good range the RECEIVER is an important factor. Also the used antennas (see last video) and the transmission power (mw) and environmental influences (humidity, trees,...).
I wanted to see how much the receivers influence the way we see the world (when we fly FPV) - and here I compared 3 of them in different priceranges (Quanum, FR632 and ImmersionRC).

To get to the maximum range soon I used extension-cables on the transmitter and receiver side. The cables DO HAVE a significant penalty on radio power! I measured this at home with the ImmersionRC Powermeter. When using a 1m cable on a 25mw transmitter you only get half the mw you would get without the cable.
3m extension cable on the receivers makes it even worse!
This way I got 170m - 250m until the signal was completly gone. Of course while driving the signal would come and go - and this is where the receivers had different behaviour. Some would drop in- and out more frequently - others showed a quite consistant picture.

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