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ImmersionRC Vortex 250pro

Aus ImmersionRC Vortex 250pro

24.5.2016 - update! see PIDs and settings on the bottom!

Quick Tipps
LED Board button
Press 2sec to change VTX BAND
Press 5sec to enther TX Setup Wizard

Arm Motors: Throttle=0, YAW=right
        Disarm:  Throttle=0, YAW=left
 Enter OSD:   Throttle=0, YAW=left (while Motors are disarmed)
(if you cant arm or dont get into the menu: try trimming yaw more to right or left - your stick "servo-way" is not 100% - set rates on your radio to 100% and repeat the TX Wizard!)

►►GPS Support?
Immersion told me, if you use a "supported" GPS ezOSD will use it and show speed and distance. Anyone already tried this?  I'll see if I can get more info on this...

ImmersionRC Official Vortex250 page
Quick Manual 
Huge RCGroups Thread
3D printed BUMPERs (if you use the cam above)

►Tech Specs:
Size (diagonal): 250mm (275mm option for 6" Props)
Frame: 2mm CF, with 15x Aluminium Standoffs
Arms: 4mm Flat CF
Motors: vSpec 2204-2300kV, 3mm Shaft
ESC: 20/22A EzESC, OneShot125, rotorSENSE
Flight Controller: STM32F303 based ('F3')
OSD : Full Graphic
BlackBox: 2MB Included
Rx Support: Native CPPM, S-Bus, Spektrum, XBus, SumD, SumH
Rx Selection: Fully Automatic
Camera Mount: GoPro 3/4, mount included
USB Port: Through-Hole
FlightCam: 650TVL CCD (HS1177) (this is an important change vs the stock cam, see this video for comparison)
weight: 671gr (with gopro+ 1300mah 4s)
451gr all except hd cam and batt)

PIDs:  (24.05.2016 modified the Protune 12 - ummagawd)
I use: all on stock and:
1800mah 4cell Turnigy graphene (heavy!)
3 bladed DYS props 5x4.5x3 Bullnose

Roll P 3.5
I 0.052
D 38
Pitch P 4.1
I 0.050
D 42
Yaw P 6.7
I 0.062
D 38
(Alt P 5.0
I 0.000
D 0
Vel P 12.0
I 0.045
D 2
Level P 4.6
I 0.050
D 113 ) all of this on default 

RC Rate 1.15
RC Expo 0.50
Roll Rate 0.70
Pitch Rate 0.60
Yaw Rate 0.65
RC Yaw Expo 0.50
ThrottleExp 0.00

Looptime 1000
PID Contr.      MWRewrite
Airmode on

BL Version
OSD Ver.
LED Ver.
HW Ver. Fusion Gen 2
FC Ver. 2.5.3 BTFL
API Ver. 1.16

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  1. Are the PIDs from a ProTune? ImmersionRC always recommends ProTune 11.