Montag, 26. September 2016

Ultrapower UP400AC Charger review, comparison to Graupner Ultra Duo 60 and Team Orion

How to charge all those miniquad batteries? I use 3 different Dual-Chargers - see their options and features here. Ultrapower UP400AC Duo - buy:
Tech specs:

Graupner Ultra Duo Plus 60   (289€)
Team Orion Advantage Touch  (215€)

DONT LET YOUR CHARGER UNATTENTED! make sure to always be around, have more chargers to charge more efficiently, USE A SMOKE ALERT in that room, have a fire extinguisher...

Jumpmarks (for the unpatient ones :)
00:12 ==Ultrapower UP400ac
01:11 Overview
02:48  menu and settings
07:37 ==Graupner Ultra Duo 60
08:44  menu and settings
11:38  ==Team Orion Advance Touch
15:16  12volt (source) charging

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