Samstag, 1. Oktober 2016

How to treat your LIPOs (battery usage tips)

I explain lipo battery charging in general in this video. Turnigy Graphene 1300/1800mah 4cell  (make sure to order them from a nearby warehouse!)
Turnigy Nanotech a-Spec 1300mah 4cell (maybe not so good?)
(cant find them anymore, but the "normal" nanotechs should be good as well:

Difference between Graphene and Nanotech? Graphenes are a bit heavier, hold up to high power drain better, keep their discharge voltage up until the end, are said to be durable and have a longer lifespan (to be proven over time).
That being said I have a few Nanotechs with high c-rating and they work quite well also!

if a battery has higher C-rating it will be a bit heavier.
if you fly and the battery is very hot afterwards - you're demainding too much - battery wont life long
puffed batteries are worn out, wont have full capacity anymore
charge batteries with 1c  (means with their capacity in amps - 1300mah batt - charge with 1300ma - or 1.3amps)
always balance
dont use damaged batteries - they might have an issue and lead to a crash on the next flight
DONT LET YOUR CHARGER UNATTENTED! make sure to always be around, have more chargers to charge more efficiently, USE A SMOKE ALERT in that room, have a fire extinguisher...

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