Montag, 7. November 2016


►Tech Specs:
Size (diagonal): 210mm (other framesizes available)
Arms: 3mm CF
Motors: ZMX V3 (now they have newer fusion motors)
ESC:  Aikon 30a
Flight Controller:  SPRacingF3 with Cleanflight
Weight: 609gr (with SJ M20 and heavy 1300mah 4s)
VideoTX: Quanum 25-200mw
RX: FrSky D4rII

GPS Logger: Unilog SM GPSLogger 

3 bladed DAL props 5x4x3

Roll P 22
I 21
D 20
Pitch P 24
I 24
D 22
Yaw P 48
I 36
D 0

Looptime 2000 / PID Contr: MWRewrite / Airmode on

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