Donnerstag, 24. November 2016

Flypro XJaguar

This is a great racing drone kit! The components are pretty decent, well thought out (like the powercube style electronics, CCD Cam usage), the quad is durable (although I didnt crash it yet) but lightweight.
Build is simple but there are some setup tips (in cleanflight and in the OSD) which you should read here to have an easier build.
OSD: you can even change PIDs in the OSD with your remote (like I know it from my Vortex).

The VTX power of course is not 25-600mw as advertised - rather 20-300mw - but that's fine. Switching the power can kill the VTX which is about the only problem I found here. Ok - you will see that the video downlink has a vibration issue (maybe loose board in the Runcam Swift?).

Find all the Specs here
And buy it for around 250$ in most of the chinese RC stores. They suggested I should get an affilate link, but I think this could affect my reviews in a way I dont like.

Video Index:
00:46 Unbocing
03:47 Buildtips
05:30 Soldering ESCs
06:42 motor direction
07:46 important cleanflight tips
07:58 VTX Settings (channel...)
08:57 VTX Power switching (25-300mw)
11:25 Maidenflight
11:58 Maidenflight #2 :)
12:28 my tuned PIDs
13:14 Speedtests and FPV footage on the field

►Build Tips:
PDF quickguide
Flypro build video (with captions)
RCGroups Thread

ESCs set motordirection in blheli suite?
- there is a drawing in the RCGthread but you can also use blheli suite to correct directions in software

PIDs should be preset in factory no they werent. PIDS see video.

X4r SBus Connection
use the UART3 and turn on radio switch in Cleanflight / Ports tab, use Serial / Sbus setting in Receivers Tab

►OSD (I think it's a MinimOSD integrated in their VTX board):
THR=mid + YAW=right + Pitch/Nick=full = go into OSD menu
if this doesnt work, your OSD board doesnt have a connection to FC board (was the case for me). you might also have "no data" in OSD.
Solution: in Cleanflight Config / PORTS Tab: set UART2 Data/MSP to on!

To switch VTX Power:
hold vtx ch button
power on the quad (then the band LED will blink slow for LOW mode and fast for HIGH mode).
Danger! Do not switch to often, use the smallest possible battery.

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